Screen not displaying correctly after firmware update

When I connect the device via USB, it seems to power on correctly but text and images are not displaying properly. Everything is in the right place on screen but is unreadable or unrecognisable.

A little background; I was running into issues sending presets to the E1 so I figured I should try updating the firmware. I’ve used both the web app and desktop app to do the update but the device does not reboot afterwards so I am unsure whether the update was successful.

After a few attempts I noticed the display was getting progressively worse (going from barely readable to completely unreadable) and on several occasions the device did not appear to power on at all when connected via USB.

Hi, can you send a picture of what you have on the screen? It will help me to recognize what is happening. It might be an underpower issue. What is the length of the cable you use and can you try different USB cables?

HI Martin, I’ve used a handful of different USB cables from 1m to 2m.

Here is what my screen looks like after opening some menus while connected with a 2 meter cable. Let me know if you need more or better pictures.

I see. It is a problem with an SD card. I will guide you through the process of fixing that. The only thing is that I am currently travelling, I will get back to you on Thursday. Would that work for you?

Glad to hear it can be fixed. Thursday is fine with me, thanks.

Is there any update on this?

Hi @J100101,

sorry for the delay. Please find the instructions on the recovery in your PM.



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