Smart Ableton Live Integration / Scripts

It would be really cool if it had some kind of smart ableton live integration so you could easily switch control to different effects and plugins on the same track and on other tracks too - kind of like push. You select the track, move through the instruments and control the instrument or effect that you want. The screen and fact that it also has touch makes it so much better than the push for controlling virtual instruments and effects though. Then you could move to a pages of volume controls, mutes, solos, sends etc. I see it as a really awesome DAW and plugin controller but I don’t now if there is a desire from Electra to implement that. Are you working on this kind of thing?


I’d be happy to work on a script like this for Ableton or Bitwig. On thing that seems to be missing from the Elektra on is the ability to populate and update the controls dynamically from an external source. Maybe there is some sort of communication protocol over sysex that we can leverage? Then I think anything is possible in terms of what can be done with controller integration for a variety of DAWs.

edit - just saw the implementation for uploading presets to the Elektra One. This is gonna be next level guys.


I will add a sysex call to update parameters of an individual control. I will do that in the upcoming version of the firmware. @kirkwoodwest are you willing to test it out before it goes to public?

Thanks very much for your kind offer. This would make the controller amazing!

would love to but im afraid my timeline this week and next is very busy. so i dont want to hold anything up.

the controls update bidirectionally tho as of now right?

Hi Martin

Any news on this? For me this would be the ultimate add-on to Ableton Live and Push.

Can’t wait for the next batch off Electra Ones, will order immediately.

All the best,

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We were approached by the Ableon employee earlier this week. Received NFR licences for providing better support to the Ableton users (including plugins) and made an agreement that we will make a joint effort to integrate Electra to the Ableton. The dynamic changes of the preset based on the context in Ableton are the part of the plan. I think it sounds very exciting…


Love it!
Let me know if I can help! (crashologist and nda here as well)

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This is great. Would be good to study the push ableton remote scripts.

It would be great if ableton will send the name of the vst to One and the One will load your pre made preset.
I mean auto assigning vst3 parameters from Ableton to a controll surface is good but you usually end up with to many mapped controls. And boolians take a whole controll as well.


Would love to see this also for Bitwig!

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@andersskibsted is already playing around with bitwig and reaper. I hope he will share his work with us when he feels it is a right moment :slight_smile:

And update on the ableton. @mariankalus offered help with it but we did not have time to dive in it yet.

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My controller extension for bitwig is still very buggy, but I think I’ll soon have a prototype that is ready to be shown to anyone interested. I’m mainly interested in plugin control as I told you @martin but I’m open to integrate other ideas if anyone has any good suggestions

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Fyi I am currently in the middle of writing /adapting a midi remote script for the Mackie C4 GitHub - markusschloesser/MackieC4_P3: A Mackie C4 Ableton 11 Remote Script, WiP and therefor in the right mindset for testing (and maybe even helping) on an Electra one ableton integration


Hi all,

any news on the dynamic mapping?
Did you ever look into the clyphx pro biding methods and scripting for Ableton?


Hi Martin,

Any update on the sysex calls to update/display parameters on the One?

Ableton Live integration is really something I would like to see. It would prevent me to map things manually. I just click on a device and get the parameters.

I have for example the Novation Zero SLMKII but its display is dead.
The Electra One could be its replacement.

Think it would not be to much work to transform this to be used with the electra one

Only the display and controller update via sysex are not present on the One right?



Hi Tim,

I’m using SysEx calls to update Electra One controls. It is described here:

For now it is name, color, and visibility only, but my guess is that in future updates that will be extended. Please have a look at LUA preset extension aswell.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks Joris, I see.
Would you be able to share an example how I would adress 1 controll from Ableton to the One?

How would you send: control-json-data ?
Should this be bytes representing ascii bytes of the json data?

“name”: “Track 1”, “color”: “FFFFFF”, “visible”: true

Would be?:
22 6e 61 6d 65 22 3a 20 22 54 72 61 63 6b 20 31 22 2c 20 22 63 6f 6c 6f 72 22 3a 20 22 46 46 46 46 46 46 22 2c 20 22 76 69 73 69 62 6c 65 22 3a 20 74 72 75 65

Anyhow thanks for any hints.



You need to put those values in JSON format, than pack them to SysEx. Here goes:


  "name": "Track 1",
  "color": "FFFFFF",
  "visible": true

For CtrlID 1 (first control on first page) this would become (with unneeded whitespace removed from the above JSON):


00   F0 00 21 45 14 07 01 00  7B 22 6E 61 6D 65 22 3A  |  !E    {"name":|
10   22 54 72 61 63 6B 20 31  22 2C 22 63 6F 6C 6F 72  |"Track 1","color|
20   22 3A 22 46 46 46 46 46  46 22 2C 22 76 69 73 69  |":"FFFFFF","visi|
30   62 6C 65 22 3A 74 72 75  65 7D F7                 |ble":true} |

Hope this helps. :smiley:

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Cool, thanks
Will play with this.
Anyhow think I am to much of a noob to get it working but I will go through the documentation and try.