Patch request from vst

anybody got a patch request from an vst working ?
i tried with reaper and repro 5 but no luck…
any special advise on this ?


I’m sure this is going to be DAW dependant. What system are you running? How are you connecting the plugin to the elektra?

are you using it with vst and it works to request a patch ?
i use reaper and connecting it with electra controller usb midi in/out on the track with the vst.
at the moment iam testing with u-he repro 5.

can this be moved to the instruments section !?

I have finally got some time to write a tutorial on this. AU/VST control in Ableton describes how to set up an essential bi-directional communication between Ableton and Electra One. It includes reading of parameter changes done on the computer and patch switching.

As @kirkwoodwest mentioned, this is DAW dependant. I will try to describe all common DAWs i coming weeks, months :slight_smile:

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In the past I directly mapped the plugin. Didn’t even think about doing it the Live way.
Can you also do 14bit via “your” way?

I was able to get Presonus Studio One to behave similar to the Ableton Live instructions.

In Studio One when you setup MIDI Learn on the VST for the Electra Controller make sure you enable MIDI Learn, turn a knob on Electra One that you are trying to control and right click on that knob on the screen that is and enable transmit value.

When you switch presets from the VST the values will update on the Electra as well. I’ve only did it for 2 knobs. I plan to go back and try it on my other Electra presets to see how well it works.

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Yes, it does. When working with MIDI mapping, Ableton supports CC7, CC14, number of CC relative modes (signed, 2’s comp, etc).

I am playing around with this “Live” way, because the remote scripts / Live presets could be used to simplify the process of using Electra presets for any type of plugin.

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is there any way to do this without using the mapping to live and midi learn? because if you do it this way (which does work beautifully and updates everything on the electra) you have to save the live session and use it as a template to recall all the midi mappings you did- you can’t just start a new session… also, how would you control different VSTs with many parameters since you can only map 120 midi CC’s in ableton (maybe there’s a way i don’t know like NRPN, could someone perhaps explain this?) thanks all!

For that you need a midi remote script
@martin did you ever get anywhere with this (and from Ableton)?

there’s a software called that says it can help make these scripts… wonder if it would work with electra? or how i might implement it?

but still the issue is how to change the mappings when you change instruments… not sure the solution for that. if we were using host automation it could work (there’s a far less good hardware product called mpmidi that uses the host automation route, is there a way to do the same with electra?) or another workaround perhaps?

to me it seems the ultimate workflow - electra changes on the fly to control different vst parameters with bi-directional feedback as you jump from track to track.

That’s exactly what a remote script does, it “follows” the selected device. See as an example this:
Google Photos

Hey Markus. I understand but I’m saying what if you change vsts? You have omnisphere on one track, diva on another, tal on another. With host automation you just change armed record tracks. With a midi script instead of host automation how do you have electra automatically update its parameters to match the vst you are controlling? that would be the benefit of host automation if i understand correctly. meaning, you simply change from one track to another and all the controls on the electra update to show the current values for that VST. i don’t know how to do that with electra.

Ps what is that very cool device you have a picture of there?

Looks like a Mackie Control C4 Pro.

The remote script “follows” the selected device on the selected track, for that it used the exposed parameters of the device, which can be up to 128 different ones.

hey markus! Guess i’m confused.

how might i achieve the following setup:

in ableton:

  1. load omnisphere onto track 1

  2. map 100 omnisphere parameters to host automation

  3. load roland cloud onto track 2

  4. map 50 roland cloud parameters to host automation

  5. load u-he onto track 3

  6. map 100 u-he parameters to host automation

  7. use electra one to discretely control each vst with realtime feedback from parameter changes within the plug-in or on the electra, or modified by any other connected or HA controller (ableton push)

  8. do all of the above without creating midi mappings in ableton so control is not session dependent (bonus but would be nice).

would appreciate any views on the above.

somebody suggested using different midi channels for each of the 127 parameters (120 in ableton) that can be mapped to a single midi range, maybe there’s a way like that.

There is not a remote script for the Electra yet, so you cannot do that.

Hi! I do understand that, I started the comment by saying there was software to create remote scripts like and might that be a way to achieve this. But even with the remote script, how would we configure it to deal with addressing different plug-ins with hundreds of parameters? Would we go down the different midi channel path, could that solution work? Also, how would we get the real time updating to the Electra since we would not have mappings in Say Ableton using the usual midi key map. But maybe the remote script would take care of that? Have you seen ? there are also a couple competitors, do you think any are sophisticated enough to be useful?

Yes, completely. I will try to shoot a video showing exactly that, later tonight.
Also remotify is, by far, not sophisticated enough.

When I first started asking Martin about this I believe not everything was in place in the Electra with regards to sysex calls that are needed to display parameters or parameter values. I believe that has changed but that still leaves us with the actual midi remote script to program