DrivenByMoss for Bitwig and Reaper

The latest version of DrivenByMoss fully integrates Electra One. Jürgen even made an introduction video. Please find it at:

The integration follows the opensource spirit. I think tremendous amount of effort has been put into this by Jürgen. And the very same counts for @jhh work on Ableton and @joris.roling’s Bitwig preset. I am very thankful for that as I would never be able to develop anything like that.


OMG ! I l Love Moss!!! I love Moss, i love Martin and i Love Stray (Clyphx) ! you are the dream team ! The Music world is better with you !!

@Martin … You know the concequence of Moss making a video off the E1… A LoT MORE DEMAND !!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes:So mutch more !! I bought bitwig Because of Moss in fact… :grin: . He makes such an incredible job with the push 2

And i Love Dillon Bastan … You 4 are incredible guyz who inspire and make originals things exists for a lot of music peoples !!! Thanks !!!

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Is there a way for a preset developer to control the size and highlighting of the group header? I find it disorienting to use the bank navigation and have the top row get dimmed.

It is overall a pretty amazing experience with the dynamic preset handling.