Snapshots / stored data

if I get it well, only controls’ values are stored in a snapshot. It would be really nice to store more datas, such as groups’ label for instance. From time to time I use group label to give visual informations regarding a preset. In a sysex message you may have the name of a sound for example, and it’s really handy to change a group’s label with the sound name you have in a sysex response. Another application it to store sysex datas. Let’s take a Korg Volca FM preset I’m working on as a use case:

  • one limitation with the Volca FM, is that there is no midi out, and therefore no possible sysex request/response
  • another one is that there is only 32 slots to store presets on it
  • nonetheless my Volca FM has a custom firmware (Pajen’s 1.09) , it allows the Volca to receive and understand Sysex
  • therefore I can use Dexed to send DX7 presets from my computer to the Volca FM and to my E1 Volca FM preset (everything is already working well)

Here is my wishes (my preset is already working, only thing missing is to save groups’ labels within the E1’s snapshots)

  • I’d like to use hidden groups to store the Sysex message receive from Dexed
  • I can use these stored datas later, even with the E1 disconnected from my computer
  • I can send the stored datas to the Volca FM with a function in a momentary pad
  • this way, I can expand Volca’s patches from 32 to 432 using E1’s snapshots, and still be computer less

Another way would be to send each control’s sysex message one by one when loading a snapshot, nonetheless, storing groups’ labels would be still useful if we consider the informations they can give.

Many thanks. :pray:

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