[SOLVED] Lua formatter and lua function missing in Editor

@Tomas, @martin - I am unable to see the lua formatter and lua function fields on the Electra editor. I think I used to be able to see them until a day or two back. This is the same in both app and beta editors. Could you please take a look?

Hi @shankar

To see Lua Formatter and Function fields, you need to first provide Lua script. To do that click on the “Edit Lua Script” button on the sidebar, when no control is selected.

Let me know if it works for you now.


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Thanks, Tomas! Out of habit, I have been using the sandbox to upload the Lua script. While the functionality itself works, it appears that the editor wouldn’t know it. I will check adding the script via editor itself later today.

Worked fine as soon as I added the lua script within the editor. Thanks @Tomas! Please feel free to resolve this bug.

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@shankar Thanks for confirmation!