Squarp Pyramid to Instrument Converter

this is small python script bit like my preset to instrument converter…( see here )

this allows Squarp Pyramid ‘instrument definition’ files to converted into instrument definitions for the Electra One

It should be noted the Pyramid has very short names for parameters due to small screen, and they are all upper case

however, I still find this very useful - since it gives me the basic cc mapping, so I don’t have to look up cc mapping - and can rename these to ‘nicer’ names in the instrument definitions files.
I might also start categorising them, or adding overlays.

anyway I hope you find it useful


Pyramid Definition Files

you can get a ton of pyramid defintion files here :

How to use

a) go to forum, find instrument …
b) copy definition from post
c) paste into a text file (e.g. rample.txt)
d) run python script against this text fie

python2 rample.txt

this creates a new file with eif file (electra one insrument definitioin)

e) perhaps edit this eif file - you might want to change manufacturer, or parameters names

f) import into the Electra One Editor

Things to note/assumed info

  • this only supports CCs currently , not note definitions
  • format
    first three lines should be:
  • I use name - and ignore out/channel
  • afetr this i expect a list off CC and names in format
    CC number:CC name


The pyramid definition file is very limited

  • it only contains a name, so i use this for manufacture, product etc
  • names are very short, so expect a lot of abbreviations :slight_smile:

Thanks very much mate! This should come in very handy.

Question: Should the script actually be called like this? I got it working doing this:

python2 pyramid2inst.py myfile.txt

Don’t often work with Python so could just be something I’m doing, but got it working, so I’m happy – thanks!

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