Superbooth 2022

It was great! I would like to say thank you to all of you who came to see us. It is a real energizer and it gives us a clear direction where the project should go.

It was very busy there so there are some questions without answers on the forum. I will answers these as soon as I can.

Thanks again!


The world is tooooooo small… I happen to know the guy with the long hair in the red jacket! :wink:

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He is one of us too! :slight_smile:

And I’ve had a jollly good time meeting other members out there :slight_smile:


You finally convinced me to buy this lil beast. I had an eye on it since the inception of the project. To bad I couldn’t manage to give you a demo of the Oxi as I initially promised.


No problem at all. I am going to get Oxi One very soon :slight_smile: It will nicely go with the rest of my setup. Thanks for a good chat and for introducing me to Manuel!

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