Sysex Envelope not configurable in Editor [SOLVED]

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a Sysex Envelope in the Editor
  • configure the Sysex message for Attack

Observed behavior:

  • once a Sysex message is entered for Attack, it is copied over to Decay, Sustain and Release. So they all have the same Sysex message
  • trying to change the Sysex message for any other control will change it again to the same for all controls.
  • downloading the EPR reveals that the Sysex message is stored for Release only. Attack, Decay, Sustain have no Sysex message stored.


  • configure the Sysex messages in the JSON directly
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Hi Marian,

thanks for reporting! It should be fixed now. I adjusted the demo preset so that the envelope is included: SysEx Template Demo.

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Hi Martin,


Seems to be working correctly again. Thanks for the rapid fix!

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