Scrambled up controls render the preset unplayable

I have very weird behavior: a K4R preset I’m working on, Electra One App, was playing quite well until now.

The weird thing is that controls are sending out SysEx from other controls.

For instance, the control in the first slot “Wave (S1)” has the following sysex:

Note that byte 6 = 36 or 24h, while the MIDI channel is 10.

But on MIDI-OX I get this :

Byte 6 is sent out as 34 instead of 36.
This is the Sysex attached to control “Delay (S2)”.

Same for control “Fine (S2)” which is sending the SysEx of control “Level (S2)”

What can have caused this? I do not know how to recover from it.
And it renders the whole preset unusable.

I found the reason of the issue, but not the cause .
The controls start going buzurk, once I doubled up the envelopes on the ‘Envelopes’ pages. They are also present on the ‘DCO / DCA’ page.
The original control settings get restored by removing the second set of the envelopes.

For now, I’ll copy the preset and remove the page so I can continue the work.
I’ll leave the original preset with the fault for debugging purposes, so the bug can be reproduced.