Sysex pass thru?

Can sysex be made to pass thru the E1?

Other wise you need a midi merge box with 3 ins feeding the synth you want to control.
1 for the E1 output, 2nd for the sequencer input and 3rd for passing sysex patches from the computer.

if the E1 could pass sysex for patches from the computer then a lot of un/plugging midi cables could be saved.

Maybe you could use something like Midi Lab to avoid the Hardware (Midi Merge box)

Yes, Electra does pass sysex messages (and other midi messages) by default. Anything send to USB port Port 1 is forwarded to port MIDI I/O 1, port 2 works in the same way. And it works in both directions, you can send sysex like this but also receive.

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