Ableton LIVE 12 - No E1 MIDI

Ok… new to the E1. Not new to MIDI.

I have the E1 connected to my mac and can connect it via Chrome to the E1. I have loaded it with presets and I can monitor midi/sysex activity with the MIDI Monitor App (snoize: MIDI Monitor) which indicates that midi/sysex is flowing from the E1 into the mac.

E1 shows up in the MIDI device preference section of LIVE but no midi data is received.

Any ideas what I may have missed?

My goal it to route the E1 the various hardware synths and effects that are attached via the midi patchbays to send midi/sysex data.

What the heck am I doing wrong with the E1 - every other MIDI controller I have just works out of the box.

The E1 transmits Sysex when using a preset that is for a hardware unit that responds to sysex… so I guess that means I can’t route though LIVE?

any help would be appreciated


from what you said it looks like that your E1 is recognized as a MIDI controller by the MacOS and applications can use it. That looks ok.

Just to make sure I understand:

Does that mean that your E1 can send midi data to a hardware unit connected directly to to its MIDI DIN connectors? ie. your computer not involved in the communication.

Do you mean that you have E1 selected as Input for a track and you want to forward it to another destinations like this?

Can you observe what is happening with the MIDI monitor? You can do that by “Spying” on the destination device:

I also tried to use the external instrument plugin:


What I can see is that Ableton seems to route all “Channel” messages just fine. Non-channel messages such as Sysex, (also tried Tune request) seem to be ignored. I am not a real Ableton user, but is is this correct? Can any Ableton expert comment on that? I can understand it a bit, as the track is very “MIDI channel based”…

Does it involve exclusive midi port ?
I am not a mac user but on PC midi port on ableton are exclusive with the E1 (and most midi controllers) .Then if i use E1 midi port 1 with another app (even monitor app) , i can’t use it on Ableton .

This only applies to the Microsoft provided USB Class compliant midi devices. With a dedicated driver such as from RME or iConnectivity, devices on Windows also can be multi-client.
OSX doesn’t have this problem at all

Live supports sysex since v10. Sysex is not filtered out, but one still needs to be aware of Live’s one port and everything is channel 1 idiosyncrasies.
Tune reqest is not sysex but “system common” and is indeed filtered out. I have a long standing open bug with Ableton because of that (which I found out when trying to use Tune Request from the MKS80 template Roland MKS-80 - #27 by markus.schloesser )

The E1 connected to the K4R directly and taking USB midi streamed from a Korg monologue works as expected. The midi sequence played on the monologue fed to the E1 via USB HOST input is playing fine. I can tweak the K4R preset to my hearts content and it does affect change as it should on the K4R.

When I connect to Ableton LIVE… how must the E1 be phyically connected to be seen by LIVE? I would assume that by merely connecting the USB DEVICE to the macStudio I am physically connected to my DAW.

With my nord connected to mioXL (DIN3) - how does the E1 affect change to this? I can move knobs on the E1 but nothing happens… even if I have one of the 5pin Din in/out ports connected to a MOTU midi timepiece… how do I route it internally?

I am confused lol

hehe, I did not mean that the tune request is a sysex. I meant it is just another type of a non-channel message which Live does not seem to route. @markus.schloesser, you have got quite some sysex based synths, are you able to route sysex messages to them in Live? If so, how do you do that?

thanks for the clarification.

I see several ways to do that, although one of them

  1. connect E1 directly to the computer and route in the DAW. This is what you are trying. From what I can see this Live can route channel messages (ie. MIDI messages that transmitted on particular MIDI channel just fine). This covers all synths that use CCs and NRPN to edit their parameters. The question about sysex still remains to be figured out (in the Live).

  2. connect E1 to you mioXL, either USB or DIN, and use Auracle to configure the routing. eg. this is the way I personally use it. You establish routes from E1 to all synths you want to control plus you can optionally route it to the Live too if you need it.

  3. In case of max4live devices (as shown on your screenshot), you can take advantage of @jhh’s great Ableton live E1 remote script/preset. If you install it and configure properly, E1 display the device (eg. nordrack device) parameters whenever you make that device active in the DAW. This will work with E1 connected directly to the computer or via your mioXL.

I usually use 3 midi tracks for a sysex based synth.

  1. Maxforlive device to control the synth from Live, input of that track doesn’t matter unless you want to do patch parsing from the synth to the maxforlive device. Midi out to track 3
  2. Control track for Electra. Input from Electra, midi out also to track 3
  3. Midi track with external instrument device. Input from keyboard :musical_keyboard:. Output to synth
    One needs to be a bit careful about midi loops when arming all 3 tracks

This works for my mks70, mks80, Waldorf pulse etc