Tal-J-8 (mc)

A recent update of TAL-J-8 allows you to assign the same set of MIDI controllers to both the Upper and Lower Panels, selectable from the Electra. Now all you need is one set of controls, greatly simplifying the Preset.

Select “Panel” on the far upper right corner of the J-8 plugin to enable. Each page of the Electra Preset has a Panel Select so you can quickly go back and forth.

I have also combined the “Arpeggiator” and “Arpeggio” controls onto one page, for simpler editing. 04/08/21: Also added a “Quick Access” Page for controls most likely to be tweaked during live playing.


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OK, I have greatly revised the preset, making it simpler and more playable. Removed the “Quick Access” page because it is no longer needed. Please check it out!

TAL-J-8 (MC)

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