Help with the Arpeggiator preset by Martin

Hi all,

I am trying to use the Arpeggiator preset by Martin.
(Arpeggiator Preset)

What do I do? On Logic Pro X:

  • I create a midi track and I loop for one bar a midi chord

  • I send the midi out (all channels) to Electra One connected via USB

  • From Electra One I select MIDI clock SOURCE (I have enabled clock send on Logic Pro X) but also I try the internal clock

  • I create a 2nd midi track with just a synth to receive midi on all channels and all ports.

No sound on Logic, no “midi in” coming onto Logic. When I commence the transport on Logic Pro X. Same if I use the intenral clock.

What am I doing wrong?

Below the midi out screenshot on the “midi chord out track”:

And the midi in screenshot on the “midi in synth track”: