Template for Nuendo/Cubase - Bi-directional MIDI

Hey guys, just picked up the E1 and I’m building a template for Nuendo/Cubase using Steinberg’s built-in MIDI Remote feature. I’m pleasantly surprised by how deep I can go with this as I was only expecting to have a few faders mapped for quick controls on the E1. Steinberg however lets you assign even shortcuts/key commands and full control of the selected track including their ‘AI Knob’ (you hover your mouse pointer over a value and you can control that with a single E1 knob).

However, I’m wondering how I can get bi-directional MIDI working on this, so that the quick control knob values pop up on the E1? I have no experience with Lua. Would this involve scripting?

Edit: Setting input and output both to Port 1 (not using CTRL) in MIDI Remote seems to resolve this. I get all values showing up in E1. :star_struck:

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