Midi port routing/forwarding


still trying to carve out the best use of my E1mk2. When using the more “editor” like presets for synths (deep remote control), how are people dealing with midi input (to E1) forwarding?

I’ve a master midi keyboard on port 1 input, with most synths connected to Port 2 so I can connect bi-directionally without external merging. Afaik I can’t forward midi from port one to port two (yet?), so how are ppl dealing with this kind of situation? Do I have to change all my presets to have the devices on port 1 output (keeping the returns to port 2)?

Would be nice with something akin to Elektron’s “Auto track”, where the selected input channel used for master midi control, controls the currently active/focused preset.

I also think the routing page in the config can be improved. Would be nice with a matrix style interface, and data should be routable between all ports.

I envisage my final configuration to connect the E1 to my Motu MidiXT, and then connect that to all my synths. I fear this will be a complicated, maybe cumbersome setup… but I have several workflows I like to switch between. Sometimes I want to use my Pyramid to sequence my synths, when over at that station. But otherwise I’d like to use the E1 mostly as a remote for the synths when sitting in the mix-position of the studio. So I need to swap the main clock source, and if Pyramid or the E1 (or my Expert Sleepers ES-3/5/8MD that I use mainly for master clock, but also can be used for full midi control) is connected to the synths. Or maybe both, in parallell? Hardware relays for switching midi signals? Different routings on the MidiXT?

It all becomes pretty complicated.
Idea’s and input on setup configs are much appreciated.

Also interested in a matrix style interface. Would be also great to add a MIDI filter at each MIDI INs so that one could filter out all kinds of MIDI data : CC, sysex, Program Change, Note ON/OFF, etc…

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