Cubase integration

Hello everyone, I am new and I am thinking about to get an E1.
What about Cubase integration?
What is the state of the art?
Many many thanks!

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I haven’t seen something in the preset library.

For mixing, an Electra One preset implementing MCU or HUI functionality via LUA should do the job since that standard is supported by Cubase (and other DAWs as well). However, as long as there isn’t one, you (or someone else) would have to write the necessary code.

For controlling plugins, I’ve heard Cubase has a new UI for creating mappings with controllers and plugins more easily. I don’t know how deep this goes, but that should be achievable without writing a single line of code just by configuring things in the Cubase and the Electra One editors.


I am actually working on the Cubase intergration. The UI for building the mappings is nice but somewhat limited. It does not support making dynamic changes. The Javascript API is the way to go. Working on it generates some friction though as the API is quite designed to map finite number of hardware controls to Cubase certain functions - while with E1 you want to replicate things in Cubase to the controller. Fortunately, I have access to the Cubase devs.


For mixing, an Electra One preset implementing MCU or HUI functionality via LUA

On that note - has anyone tried this yet? I don’t see anything in the preset library for MCU…just trying to avoid having to write something that does all the MCU parsing manually. I really only need MCU in order to receive text names of params (this is in Reaper, using ReaLearn). The actual control destinations will likely still be ordinary CCs.

Someone on Git has been generous enough to decode the entire MCU:
TouchMCU/doc/ at main · NicoG60/TouchMCU · GitHub

…but of course the text sent to the LCDs is SysEx, which means time for head pain :sweat_smile: