Thought about cloning the Lexicon LARC Remote


I recently got a Lexicon 300 and I could imagine the E1 shining at cloning the LARC remote features.

Does anyone already had a though about it?

My first though after overviewing the midi implementation chart is that the E1 preset would need to dynamically update names and ranges of the parameters depending on which Lexicon 300 preset is loaded.

I am very new to the E1, my programming skills are essentially limited to Max/MSP, still I am willing to learn, but before digging further I wondered if that particular behaviour is even achievable/recommended.

EDIT: midi implementation chart link added

It can be done. I was a little sad to see that they didn’t implement it in the 480L. :frowning_face:

You might be able to do it using the new graphical UI that Martin has been crafting, but to handle all the params for all the different algorithms, you probably either want to use a separate control for every possible param (using the JSON/GUI approach) or keep a main set of controls on one screen and use a lot of LUA to dynamically reassign names/lists/ranges to the visible controls.

The benefit is that as a user you don’t have to keep switching pages. The downside is way more of a headache for the developer.

In general, Lexicon sysex has made my head hurt in the past, although this looks a little cleaner than their extreme bit packing/bit shifting sysex from older units.

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So 2 ways yes, the LUA approach seems to be a huge plus from the user perspective.
I just read the post where @NewIgnis (thank you) pointed a E1 preset that seems to do exactly this, switching parameters depending on the selected effects. I’m going to start testing using it as a start point. :eyes:


I have a Lexicon 300 and I have been looking for a remote for it- I am not currently an Electra One user, but I was wondering if this approach had any success.

I’m currently working on a PCM 70 preset.
To do it right is a fair challenge, but once it’s done, a lot of the pieces might be useful for the 300

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Sorry I missed this. Thanks for writing back. If you do make progress, I’d be happy to learn about it. is this essentially midi control information?

Yes, whatever is supported by MIDI sysex, the Electra One can handle it.

So if you look at the manual and it describes a patch dump and it’s contents, that’s what can be edited.

I don’t want you making buying decisions based on ‘what-ifs’ so I took a look at the 300 MIDI specification.

There’s likely no way I would take on the task of setting up the Electra One to control that unit.
The number of parameters and amount of information is something well beyond what I’d have time for and I think the results would be unsatisfying given the number of pages you’d need to sufficiently edit a preset on the 300.

I think even if someone gave me a 300 as compensation, it wouldn’t be enough of an enticement to do it. I think you’d have more success faster with a commercial editor/librarian running on a PC or Mac.

Just my 2 cents. For reference in case anyone has the time and energy, I’m attaching the MIDI Spec document for the 300.
300_V3_MIDI_Implmt_Rev0.pdf (73.5 KB)


thanks- that’s very helpful. At a different time I might have been interested in a challenge, but right now I’m looking for a means to an end, and so I’ll let this drop. Thanks for the advice and looking into it. I really appreciate your effort.

On the plus side, if i can ever find a Lexicon Framelink FR4, I’ll have an ‘extra’ LARC available, so keep that in mind