a bit related to what was just mentioned elsewhere:

I am compiling a set of articles and tutorials. The idea is to describe E1 features from different perspective. The idea was kicked off earlier this year by @resyn. It takes time and I have kept things simple for now.

I am planning to convert some of @oldgearguy’s and @NewIgnis examples to the tutorials too. I would also like to cover some essentials of how to use Lua for non-programmers. Any help is welcomed.

Also, suggestions on topics to be added there would be good. For now, I have been mostly using topics frequently asked on the forum or sent to me by email.

https://learn.electra.one/ has been set up, so that it can send data to the controller - making it possible to make the tutorials a bit more interactive.


I completely forgot what I wanted to write… I have a new Yamaha FB01 here. I have been planning to describe my work on making a preset for it.


That would be very much appreciated !


Lua for non-programmers would be really great!

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