Thought experiment: Roland MKS-7 & software editor

I’ve come across a reasonblish MKS-7 (a weird rack version based on the Roland Juno-106: Drum samples from the 707, 1 bass voice, 4 chord voices and 2 melody voices. So far so cool, but the synth is ROM only. One can edit the synth voices, but they cannot be saved.):

Now I thought, for me to be useful I would need something to edit the synth and save the patches on my computer as the synth cannot do so… What if I figured out how to map the E1 controls to the software editor? Then I should be able to have hands on control, but still have a librarian and editor to save the patches with, correct?

Or is there a smarter way? Really hope that there is a way… (And yes, obviously I seem not have bought my last synth yet! :P)

Eusti, can you control all its parameters straightforward via CC, RPN or NRPN? If yes, then you can use snapshots on the E1 as a librarian (like I did with the NTS1 which also has no memory of its own).

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Wow! I didn’t think that was possible! Great! For now I have decided I don’t want more complications, but good to know for the future!