Local basic editor?

I do a lot of gear testing and I also like to randomly try out various remote control features on the fly.

In the past, I would use the CME 3x or Remote Zero SL and start a blank template, define a control, pick a CC number and MIDI channel and be done. Sometimes I would need a couple, but nothing fancy and the computer is usually off.

It appears the E One doesn’t have any local basic editing capability like that. I wouldn’t want the full editing, just something for quick and dirty use.


What I like on this idea is that it makes the hardware even more independent from the computers. I thought about that by myself in the past. There is a point in the thinking process when I always gave up - the keyboard / typing names.

But something very basic could be done indeed. It could work nicely with the midi learn too.

That would be an awesome feature. I would be really happy, if I could just assign knobs to a midi output/midi-channel/CC value from the device. Name, Range etc. is optional from my opinion.

Maybe an overlay with a simple Keyboard (just characters, numbers and space or something like that) that uses touch might be an option? Blackbox 1010 does it nicely.

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Yes, a simple on-screen keyboard is an option. Another one is to plug the keyboard to the USB host port :slight_smile:

Beware, we gonna ask you more, like: would E1 support a BT dongle on usb host?

If I have to plug in a keyboard, I can plug it to my computer. Stand-alone features should be stand alone (in my opinion).


Yes, my thought was not to replace the full editor functionality - no sysex, no overlay designs, maybe just use “CC 32, Ch 1” or whatever as the name.

The idea is a quick and dirty approach before I sit down to design an entire template. Since it could be saved on the E1, I could upload it into the full editor later.

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If some day a keyboard on the touch screen makes it way to E1, it would be nice for snaps naming too.

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I really like the on-screen keyboard idea. I think it would make the Electra One more Stand Alone than when a USB keyboard would be needed.

Just my 2-cents :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see the attraction for a very simple editor.
it would be really useful, when you just wanted to do quick midi mapping to vst or something.
(hmm, a vst is a bad example, since if Im at the computer - its no issue to use the editor!)

however, the more complex it becomes, the less Id likely use it.
e.g. I really cannot see myself typing names onto the screen.
at that point, it’ be easier to just connect the existing (chrome) editor and use my computer mouse/keyboard.

in that simplistic sense, I could see perhaps the following workflow:

  • allow user to duplicate a preset on the E1
  • I would then create a set of ‘templates’ (in current editor) , I use for these ‘quick edits’
  • so, I select template , duplicate, then open it (on e1)
  • place in ‘learn mode’ allows me to select each component, and do midi learn - to reassign CC.

(it would also be handy to have the ability to alter midi channel/port of a device, which is also another feature request.)

with this, Id be able to do quick maps, and carry on making music.
LATER… I’d like to load up the (chrome) editor, and download this new preset, where I would use the editor to edit names of components, and perhaps preset name.

sure this cannot cover 100% needs, but probably 90% can be done with midi learn. the next 10% gets complex (imho), e.g. adding options, renaming components, moving layouts - adding each of these takes more dev time and has diminishing returns for the majority of users.

so I’d keep it simple on the E1, and simple re-mapping that allows us to continue to make music. (without having to resort to a computer) BUT it leverages the existing (computer) editor for more complex tasks.

I like this approach on other hardware too…
e.g. sampler, I just want to capture new samples in the hardware, and use them immediately.
but I rarely bother renaming, and never start organising the on the hardware - when its just so much quicker/more comfortable to do on a computer (later in the day)

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right - in the middle of it all, I don’t necessarily want to bother with naming, screen placement, colors, etc.

Real example from last week - I wanted to send CC 10 on channel 2 to a box and CC 17 on channel 7 to another box and I had no quick way to do it. That’s all I needed, nothing fancier. Bring up a blank template, create 2 controls, done. If it gets more complex than that to finish, it’s too much.

Later, like others have said, I can collect up all the raw assignments and make them pretty in the full editor.


The reason, why I Hype the stand alone request so much is: I don’t use my computer when doing music at all. Only for changing Electra One stuff.
I use the Electra one mainly for knob twisting during a jam/performance. I don’t need anything fancy for that, but i need to make adjustments all the time because I change Deviced per song. Would be awesome to now have to rewrite it to the Mac every time I change something …

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Got your point. It is perfectly valid.