Touched pots sometimes stay touched for a very long time

I don’t have an exact repro case yet, but I’m very often seeing a hanging touch pot state even though I already lifted my fingers from a pot. When that happens, touching again the affected pot doesn’t help. It usually stays touched for minutes. After some time, it’ll “untouch” eventually.

Did anybody else notice this? I’m on v3.3.2.

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I will review that. I seen it, it seems to be related to the calibration of the touch sensing IC. It seems to happen only when multiple pots are touched at once.

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This is still happening on a rather regular basis with v3.5.4. You can just use the default preset and wiggle some knobs. The touched state of one or more pots will stay active for quite some time. During that time, you cannot press a menu button (blocked) so you have to wait until the device finally realizes that the knobs aren’t touched anymore.