Lag and ghost values when I move or touch 2 pots at the same time


I’m having a problem when I move 1 pot while touching at least one other at the same time. By extension, this problem also occurs if I move 2 pots at the same time, or if I move a single pot while touching several others.

At that point, there’s lag in the pot I’m spinning and the run of the pot is longer (about 2x). And if I turn the pot quickly, I even get ghost values (which leads to random behaviour).
This is very annoying, because it prevents me from getting a predictable result.

If I spin only one pot without touching any other one, the behaviour is OK and the experience is perfect.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Is this the expected behaviour?
Is there a way to improve things?

Configuration: E1 MKI, HWR: 2.30, FV: v3.5.3

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I slightly increased the rate of knob readings in v3.5.4. But it does not address the root of the issue. I added fixing it to the list for next release.

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Hi @martin,

I’ve tried this new version and it works much better. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting close.
It’s much more usable this way :+1:

Thanks a lot!