Touchscreen Buttons for Quickly Moving to the Next or Previous Page

I’m working with presets that will have multiple pages. However, to best group my pages, I’d love it if we could add special buttons (like note or hold momentary buttons) to move to the next or previous page?

Sometimes, I think it would be quicker if I could use the touchscreen to navigate pages, especially for larger presets. Thanks.

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We’ve already made a request for exactly that:

Page jumping

Isn’t that something different?
One is to switch programmatically, the other an on screen button (which I requested quite a while ago as well, either via arrow or swiping (Martin said swiping is not easy to do))

If it’s programmable, you can create a “next” / “prev” set of buttons on your pages and it works. Yes, they take up 2 of the 36 slots, but that’s not a bad tradeoff.

The swipe gesture is something different of course.

Yeah, I’m not requesting a swipe gesture. I know that’s a lot harder to do programmatically. I would like to have two buttons that take up slots. An arrow would be great, but I think just having a grey button with “previous” or “next” text would do the trick too. I’m assuming that wouldn’t be too difficult to code.

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A possibility to add such buttons to the preset will be part of the next firmware release. I am already working on it.