Universal Midi Velocity modifier?

I was wondering if it is possible to make a preset that takes a standard incoming Midi signal, and you can essentially shape the velocity curve to whatever you want. You could think of it as a “Velocity Quantizer” in a way.

You could have type: log curve, exponential curve, linear, or fixed.

Then you could set the low range point, and high range point.

so, for example you could scale incoming velocity to an exponential curve between say 30-90 instead of 1-127.

Yes, you can.

You might find inspiration in the preset called ‘Notes transmittor V3’.
There I’ve implemented a function that inverses the velocity values, so you could layer sounds dependent on that. You could add your own function of course.
What the preset essentially expects from you is to provide it with note information on a free MIDI channel. It then will copy that information into the channel where the synth is connected to and while doing so, filter or change data, such as the velocity value.