Adjust rate of fader value change?

Hi all,

I made a preset change fader using a LUA function. The function sends bank select and program change MIDI messages, and the program number is the current fader value.

IOW, I can change presets on my synth by twisting a knob. The knob ranges from preset 1 up to preset 128.

It works well, but it’s tricky to home in on a specific preset number because the knob is so sensitive. Even the slightest of movements can move by 2 or 3 presets unless you’re very careful.

Is there some way to make it less sensitive? They’re endless encoders, so in theory it should be possible to require, say, 2 full turns of the knob to move the full range, rather than just 1.

Many thanks!

I wouldn’t use the fader to send the midi program change, only to select it. Then add an on/off momentary button. Only when you press it the program change is then being sent. Much less sensitive:-)

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Great idea! @NewIgnis to the rescue once again! :pray: :+1: