Unstable or double tempo Clock with Midronome

I have encountered an issue whenever I try to loop a Midronome Clock through the Electra One MK1 to my other devices. My MIDI chain is:

Midronome Clock > Electra One MIDI In > Electra One MIDI Out > Synth

My Goal is to send the MIDI Clock to several Synths and simultaneously edit CC parameters with the Electra One.

Following issues occured so far:

  • When I connect the Midronome’s USB Output to the Electra One USB Host Input, it doubles the Clock rate (I had a similar issue with the Expert Sleepers FH-2 and Os from Expert Sleepers fixed this bug with a recent firmware)
  • When connecting the Midronome’s Clock via DIN cable, the clock becomes unstable whenever I touch anything on the Electra One’s touchscreen
  • When connecting the Midronome’s Clock via DIN cable and simultaneously connect the Expert Sleepers FH-2 to the Electra One on the USB Host input, the Clock gets totally distorted, even when FH-2 is only set up to receive a Clock

Is there anything I am misunderstanding about the MIDI IO settings?

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just checking… you have the problem on mk1, is that correct?

yes, latest FW and MK1

Pity to have those MIDI merge issues ruining the timing, considering the Midronome clock is ridiculously tight.

@Martin > I have that one sitting on my desk unused, if you need the real thing.

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If you need a Midronome for testing, I can also send you mine, but afaik the developer of the Midronome is also very interested in optimzing it, I am sure you can reach out to each other for resolving this :slight_smile:

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As good as his product support his, I’m not sure there’s anything Simon can do here. The Midronome only spits out 24ppqn MIDI clock bytes, which are supposed to have the highest priority in the MIDI stream according to the classic MIDI specifications.
Most software sequencers have an option to prioritize MIDI Note On messages over clock though.

It’s MIDI Merge that’s not trivial.


@Foksadure is right. There’s not much that midronome dev could do. I am currently travelling and staying in the hotel. I have development E1 with me but a bit limited in what I can do. I think I can review that without having midronome. btw. e1 gives priority to clock messages by design, so there will be something not done correctly I guess.