Not receiving midi messages but receiving clock

Hi there.
I have come across a problem, that used to work fine. I am using electra one to control parameters on an Elektron octatrack and rytm. The electra is controlling them fine but I am not getting the visual feedback on the screen if the knobs on the elektrons are moved. They just stay the same. It doesn’t work even from the octatrack out or thru being plugged directly into the electra midi in on port one. Has anyone come across this problem? I’ve been trying for hours. The midi in flashes with the clock signal.
Thanks very much, Kev.

Did you change the midi channel?

Thank you. All the channels are set correctly as they control parameters from the electra ok. The midi channels are separate channels for each track. Is there somewhere else for midi in, on the electra? It has worked ok in the past so I don’t understand it. When I turn a level knob on electra it works on the octatrack. But when I turn the same level knob on the octatrack, it affects the flashing midi in so I am sure there is something reaching the electra but the graphic doesn’t change.

I don’t have an octatrack and know not enough about it. Are you exchanging MIDi CC ? Or NRPN?
Do you have MIDI-Ox or similar to monitor the signals?

Midi cc. I don’t have a midi ox. Port 2 works fine. I just can’t figure it out

I’m going to try with the device that works on port 2 tomorrow. That will suss out if it is the octatrack.

Thanks again.

If you send me the link to the preset, I’ll try myself (not with an octatrack, but I can simulate the signals)

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Thanks very much for that offer, appreciate it!

I don’t think it is the electra now. It works on port 1 with a simple loop with my tb03 so it must be something to do with the other kit set up.

Thanks very much, appreciate it.


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