Electra one + Hardware Midi Sequencers

anyone here use their Electra one in conjuction with a hardware midi sequencer? something like a cirklon? if you do, what does your setup look like?

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I have two midi patchbays connected to in and out of 4 & 5 on the Cirklon and the Electra connected from in out 1 to in out 1 on the Cirklon so I must be on the Cirklon track for whichever synth I’m editing

I’m sure there may well be a better way to be set up, but for now all works fine with the synths I currently have Electra patches for without having more long midi cables than necessary winding around the room


I use Korg SQ64 connected / routed with mioXL and Zoa sequencer thru WIDI Bud pro. It works just fine.

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