Using The Electra One as a channel strip controller

I’m a big fan of that Console One interface but its a bit pricey and you are limited to the Softube plugins. So I just set up a channel control strip to control some of my favorite tracking plugins.

This is my strip with True Iron, Kuassa EVE-AT1, and DC8C3 (easy Mode). (Saturation, EQ & Compression)

Works fairly well. Would like to have the values from Ableton printed in there. This would be possible with OSC functionality or maybe there is even a better way?

Still once I understand how this works I can move fairly quickly across the tracks and mix away! I’ve only performed one mix so far but was very excited to share!

I also have a sidecar Faderfox LX1, to select tracks, add various plugins.

Its all connected via CLYPHX Pro which makes it very quick to do the mapping with their binding Addon. Clyphx also allows me to program all the buttons on the LX1 to various tasks in side ableton. Selecting Channels, SOLOing, Adding plugins, Navigating between Locators, Switching playback modes(Loop)… etc.

I’ve never done a full mix like this without the keyboard and mouse and now I can do most of it from here. I might consider adding pages for send plugins or some other things. Maybe someone has some more ideas for me :smiley:.


Hi @kirkwoodwest,
great setup to focus on your ears!

I liked it so much that I bought a used LX1 as a sidecar too… didn’t want to be locked in with the console one and their interwoven offerings either… I will start with ClyphX Pro when it is ported to Live 11. Do you still use this setup?

The LX1 is also fast for switching Electra pages and presets with one button press… I like it for switching to an Ableton mix view or the mix view for my soundcard :slight_smile:

Happy controlling,

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i have since abandoned this… while it worked well… i needed to make some changes to my channel strips and then just got stuck in endlessly tweaking that. now getting back into some more studio customization.

How about you @studiobischof ? how are you using the LX1 these days? i’m obsessed with some controllers and that is one of them. I do not think I will ever sell it.

I like the amount of direct buttons on the LX1 that also can switch on/off devices in Ableton or quickly activate shortcuts. But I still use it only for track switching in Ableton and preset switching on the Electra in my little setup at the moment. Still waiting for ClyphX to work on Ableton 11 to try out more stuff with it :pray:

The LX1 is great if you have to organize more tracks/devices. Will not sell it too :smiley:

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