Very Dumb Midi Question

Hey all,

Just finished setting up my 3rd Preset (all pedals) and so far I’m just blown away at how powerful the e1 is. And I know I’m barely scratching the surface. The idea is the e1 sits with me at the mix position as I re-amp or use HW inserts in the daw to send audio to FX, etc through the patchbays. With just these 3 presets, my mind is already spinning at the possibilities. Very exciting.

I’m almost embarrassed to ask this question bc I think I know the answer but so far, the only usability issue I have is that there is no 2-way feedback between say a midi pedal like the Strymon Nightsky and the e1. I have VERY deep control of that pedal. But if I change presets or update something, the controls on the e1 can sometimes get out of sync with the sounds coming out of the pedal, if that makes sense. So I it sends me on a mission of wiggling almost every parameter on the e1 to get things back in sync.

So my question is, is this just how it works? Am I doing it wrong? When I turn knobs on the Nighsky, I do not see CCs in Midi Monitor, for instance. So I guess that means the pedals don’t send anything out that the e1 could read. Is this going to be the case for all pedals? I guess I’m confused because the NightSky has full DIN sized midi out. And the manual seems to suggest that it sends some midi data.

Even with this limitation, I’m still super pumped. But just want to make sure I’m not missing something easy as I set out on the journey to make a preset for every pedal in here.


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Quick glance on line seems to indicate that the NightSky does not have a documented system exclusive format (which is typically how you would query the device form the Electra One and see the settings).

However, if you set the MIDI output jack on the NightSky to send MIDI data (FAV LED is GREEN), it might send a bunch of CC messages when a new patch is loaded. You’d have to try it when the MIDI output is hooked to a computer and you are running MIDI-Ox (Windows) or MIDI Monitor (Mac) to watch the data.

If you have the Electra One Web UI open to the MIDI screen (little box with the > symbol in it next to the bug symbol) you might see the messages in there, but a computer is usually the better first stop for this sort of thing.

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Ok, that’s perfect. Def gets me started. I need to add to my process that kind of investigation of what each device might output that the e1 could capture. I haven’t messed with Sysex at all so will dive in there. Thank you!