1st Time with Chroma

Hey all, I’ve had my E1 for a bout 2 weeks and it’s been great. Has handled everything I’ve thrown at it until now. I’ve just connected it to my Chroma, and I’m not getting anything at all. It’s as if its not connected. I have tried it running a midi cable directly out of the E1 to the midi input on the CC+ Midi Unit, as well as my usual method which is the synth being connected to my DAW and the E1 being connected to my DAW with the relevant Midi Channel assigned to a MIDI track and record armed. When in the second mode, MIDI is being recieved by my Chroma from my midi controller and the lights on the CC+ unit flash accordingly, however when i engage the knobs and buttons on the E1, nothing flashes on the CC. Similarly, when I connect the E1 directly to the Chroma, the same behavior is exhibited. Am I missing something here? All of my other synths work great with the E1
, and I am a complete novice on the chroma so I am assuming I’m missing something here.

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Hi @JustBlaze,

I suggest you review Set Split settings on your Chroma. It sounds like it receives the MIDI data but ignores the CC messages for parameter changes:


check settings of P1, P6, P18, P24, P30

Hope it helps…

Hey Martin, Thx! I’ve actually checked this earlier today, about to check it again and see if I missed something. I don’t know if it’s actually receiving the MIDI data. Wouldn’t the indicator light on the CC+ MIDI interface light up the same way it does when it recieves notes?

The confusing part is that when Chroma is not configured correctly, the LED indicator on the MIDI interface cable does not indicate incoming CC data.

Try following settings:

that will take you to the EP mode, then make sure that:
P2 → “norl”
P6 → “on”
P18 → “cust”
P24 → “prog”
P30 → “on”
then press
SET SPLIT + 36 again

I just tested that, it works perfectly. The LED indicator is blinking and sound parameters changed. If I, for example, turn P6 off, the LED indicator stops blinking and Chroma ignores the changes.