Waldorf Blofeld

Adding a support for Waldorf Blofeld. An enclosed preset is Martin’s work-in-progress version. Everybody is welcome to test it out, comment on it, or contribute.

The preset requires Electra firmware or higher.

Waldorf Blofeld.epr (33.7 KB)

gave it go today and it works fine except i canot get a patch from the blofeld to the controller !?
when i change a sound on the blofeld there is no automatic transfer of the patch and button 6 also does not work …
any advice ?

At this moment the Blofeld preset has only supports sending of parameters.

We made recently some improvements to the sysex patch parser. The new firmware with this improvement will be released next week. After the firmware is out, patch reading of Blofeld will be added to the preset.

any news about the firmware update ?

cant find the blofeld preset in the library…
any reason for that ?


There are a few versions of Blofeld preset around but none is shared to public. I will check with the owners if they are willing to share it. I made one in the past too, I will find it and will share it too.

I did a blofleld Preset and it works fine, but how can I add the Patch Request function??

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Hi @Lobo,

welcome here!

I will be releasing a beta feature later today (in around 2 or 3 hours from now). This feature brings a visual editor for the Patch request / dump functionality. At this moment I suggest you wait for it to be released. It is not 100% finished yet, hence the beta version, but it already makes working with the parsing rules much easier than editing a Electra’s raw JSON source code.

When the update is available, I will post a short tutorial on how to use it. So that you do not have to wait for update of the documentation.

PS: I am planning to play around with Blofeld patch parsing this weekend. So, we can share our experiences.

Edit: @Lobo please make sure your presets are marked as Public, so that others can also see them. Thanks!


Still working on it, so I will make it public when testing is done!

I’ll try out the Blofeld as well then…

The blofeld preset should be online now. Would be nice to get some feedback if someone finds a mistake to change it!


To get kick started:
Anyone had an (impartial) sysex midi implementation chart?
Or at leastt the way the sysex header is to be made and what bytes are used for a current patch dump?

Are sysex parameter changes available or is bidirectional control limited to cc only?

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I found this one: https://waldorfmusic.com/en/177-blofeld/blofeld-downloads/tools

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Great idea. Looking forward to watching it…

It’s a written tutorial and already online
“Patch Parsing tool - testing and help needed”

Hi everyone, the first useful preset with Patch request (first two pages only) is ready.

I’m building further on Lobo’s preset, testing it and applying corrections where needed.
Apologies @Lobo, for some of the changes in the order of the controls.
Can’t guarantee all errors are resolved, but the new firmware version certainly is a big big help in realising this preset with patch request.

You may expect updates on this preset later today. I’m now going to dive into the filter section.
Important: the Blofeld device ID needs to be on 0 !

Good to hear that there is some progress. The page layout alway depends on ones workflow, so don´t worry if you need to adapt it… And if you find some functional issues pleas tell me to update mine as well!!

I’ve been changing a lot without keeping track, like typo errors or the device ID 's in some of the Sysex that were on 01 instead of 00. I’ve also been adding some controls that were left out, changed the ranges slightly, or move form a continuous type control to a list controller when it fitted the purpose better.
All in all, each of the controls you made are being tested and corrected when needed. So the best thing may be to take my preset version once finished and reorder it the way you like it.

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Progress was good , I’ve covered the Oscillator and Filters section. After some rearranging, I was now checking the LFO & AMP section, and planned to test the Parameter Changes before parsing the Sound Dump against the LFO controls, when I got stuck. :confused:
My preset simply won’t load anymore, and I do not see any error message. Other presets still load.
What could be the matter? Here’s the preset in the version I got stuck on.

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I took a look at it. It is caused by the unicode character in the text values of the Start phase parameter. The degrees sign.:


There is warning printed to the JavaScript console in the browser but no message to the user. I will fix it:

For now, if you remove the degree sign, the preset should load no problem.

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