Waldorf Blofeld

Adding a support for Waldorf Blofeld. An enclosed preset is Martin’s work-in-progress version. Everybody is welcome to test it out, comment on it, or contribute.

The preset requires Electra firmware or higher.

Waldorf Blofeld.epr (33.7 KB)

gave it go today and it works fine except i canot get a patch from the blofeld to the controller !?
when i change a sound on the blofeld there is no automatic transfer of the patch and button 6 also does not work …
any advice ?

At this moment the Blofeld preset has only supports sending of parameters.

We made recently some improvements to the sysex patch parser. The new firmware with this improvement will be released next week. After the firmware is out, patch reading of Blofeld will be added to the preset.

any news about the firmware update ?