What is the default highlighted page section?

How does Electra decide which section of a screen (top/middle/bottom) is selected when switching to that screen of a preset?

I created a preset (Repro-1) and I noticed when using it that when switching to a particular screen, always a fixed section of the interface gets selected. However sometimes it is the top, sometimes the bottom, etc. It does seem fixed per preset screen. I looked into the editor but could not find what makes a section a default.

Ideally, I’d really like it that by default always the top section is selected when navigating to an unvisited screen, and that if I return to a screen, that the last selected section is selected.

For example, let’s say I have a preset of a synth, and it has a filter screen, and the cutoff control is in the bottom section of that screen. If I then switch to another page and come back to the filter screen, I can turn the same knob as the last time I was on that screen to adjust the cutoff (since it was still selected), for much faster interaction.

It’s in the web ui in the left panel. Maybe touch the page name at the top? Not in front on the Electra One?

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Ah thank you, found it,