I cloned my current state with my WindTool preset for doing MIDI manipulation on the fly, mostly for code sharing purposes and made it public.

There’s no UI for stuff yet so it’s all just done with some of the config params at the top of the lua file.

You’ll need to:

Disable Port Forwarding (this preset has to replace the MIDI coming in)
Set the channel on the MIDI controller to 1
Set the BreathCC variable to whatever you use for your breath controller (I normally use CC11)

This will probably work with a keyboard but this is taking advantage heavily of the last note priority so if you play legato or a chord it should turn off all the notes other than what it receives last for NoteOn but I haven’t really tested it.

One of the previous iterations was implementing an EWI style legato hold over MIDI channels 1 (lead) and 2 (drone). The drone starts at an octave below the first note in the phrase and continues while there is legato playing until the phrase ends. The code is all still there it’s just not what it’s setup with currently.

Here’s a sound demo of that with DynaSample Xpresso:

The current iteration will randomly pick 2 channels from 1-4 with one of them to be the lead and one to be the drone with every phrase. In a DAW or on a multitimbral synth you can setup 4 different patches responding to 4 different channels and it’ll select 2 for each phrase.

This sound demo is setup with 4 tracks of Imoxplus Respiro in Reaper, each responding to a different channel:

Disclaimer: This is basically pre alpha proof of concept, and I’m not going to be doing support for this as it’s just for code sharing purposes.

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