Yamaha TX81Z

I am on OS 3.54. Just to be totally clear with what’s happening .

Env 1: Can control all 4 rates. Rate 3 is inversely correlated with level 3 ie: when i turn rate 3 to its fastest speed, which is 31, level 3 moves down to 32. When I change rate 3 to 0, level 3 goes to 80.

Rest of envelopes: Same thing except 3rd parameter’s level goes up to 85 or 80, seemingly randomly when I open the envelope when rate 3 is at 0. Level 4 changes visually, but the number stays stuck at a different negative value every time I open an env. Sometimes that value is -24, sometimes -12, sometimes -96, sometimes -48. Really appreciate your prompt replies. Am very much looking forward to diving back into my tx81z, which I tend to avoid due to finding using computer and ipad editors very uninspiring.

Perhaps the visual of the envelope will be enough to draw out sounds. I really love the way the whole thing is laid out and the visual representations of the algorithm’s on each operators’ pad.

Just checking back in on this. Thanks in advance!

As I pointed to in my description:

The Electra One can’t display the unique TX81Z/DX11 envelope, but a decent approximation was created by adjusting the DX7’s ADDSR envelope. Whereas the ADDSR has 4 rates and 4 levels, the TX81Z has 4 rates but only one level (and “EG Shift” has been mapped onto level 4).

I loaded firmware 3.5.4, and it still seems to be working as I intended. I’m attempting to display the TX81Z envelope, but the Electra One can’t do it, so I have to approximate.

Common envelopes have the “rate” as a measurement of time, but on the TX81Z the rate value actually represents an angle (that’s why the diagram in the manual on page 18 shows AR, D1R, D2R and RR as little arcs).

The envelope only has one level control, D1L, so the other “angle” parameters change the invisible “levels”. Maybe this was Yamaha’s space-saving solution to doing more with fewer parameters. It’s unusual.

Since there were controls left over I on the ADDSR envelope, I included “EG Shift” as the last parameter. It compresses the whole envelope, but I couldn’t figure out how to show that graphically without messing up the other parameters, but it did seem like a good place to put it as it is an envelope control.

Ok. I will mess with it shortly. Unforutnately my ancient Motu Midi Express XT does not get along with the electra one, so I had to get a mio XL