1.5 firmware, can't update - no bootloader

Howdy. I have one of the early batches of the Electra One, still on 1.5, but need to update (it was unused for quite awhile due to various pandemic-related realities).
The reset button on the back just reboots the unit into the “Ableton VST” preset.
The lower right button hold + click on upper left does nothing whatsoever.
The force-update button on the site referenced in some places seems to be missing for the mk1. The mk2 “update firmware” button does nothing.
I’ve searched the forum and found topics referencing a console app that can put the E1 into boot loader mode with some code, but the app seems to be gone from the site.
(And yes, it’s plugged directly into the computer. MBP M1Max.)
Help? Suggestions?

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firmware 1.5 is very old indeed, but the controller has the very same bootloader as other mk1 units. Follow these steps to update it to the latest version:

  1. go to the app.electra.one, section controller.
  2. connect the controller to the computer with the USB cable
  3. shortly click the update button on the back panel of the controller. It is the button next to the round MIDI connectors
  4. when done, the click the “Force firmware update” button.
  5. accept and connect the HID device in the browser pop-up window

If everything above goes ok, the browser will update your controller to the latest mk1 firmware version.

Let me know if you still have problems with it. Thx!

Hi Martin - thanks for the quick reply.
I couldn’t find that URL, which was the missing piece. Thank you.