Firmware 3.4 for mkII

A new version of firmware for the Electra One mkII is now available on the website. While the version change log is provided there, I would like to highlight one important thing about this release.

As of version 3.4, the controller keeps all presets (that user opens) in the memory. That means that switching between open presets should not take much longer than switching pages. Every loaded presets maintains its own parameter data (ParameterMap), Lua interpreter, and can listen to incoming MIDI data.

The feature represents quite a substantial change in the firmware. If you notice anything strange, please report it here. Processing of incoming MIDI data for presets that are loaded but not currently open (on the controller screen), is suspended on purpose now. It will be unlocked in upcoming firmware, after 3.4 is confirmed to be stable.

A side note, I apologize for being less active on the forum recently. I am dealing some difficulties outside the Electra One project. I hope things will get back to normal soon.


Thanks for the big effort on this update.
No need to apologize. The real world and real people are always more important than tools and toys.

Plus, that gives us a moment to stop and look around as well. :+1:


Just in case someone got as confused as me…

The Download button on Firmware update Electra One mkII | Electra One Documentation says “version 3.3.2 (3 July 2023)”. If you click the "Update Firmware"button on Electra One App you end up here.

The 3.4 version can be found here: Electra One firmware | Electra One Documentation

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fixed. Thanks for notifying us!



I have a problem related to the usb host.
If the 2 EN16 controllers are connected to the usb host, when I load a snapshot, the E1 load it, but it does not “jump” back to the preset screen.
if I “go back” manualy to the preset screen with the right button, E1 display "doesn’t respond, the side buttons work, but I can’t select another preset, page or snapshot either. if I unplug the controller from the host, the E1 freezes completely.

The E1 works perfectly without a controller connected to the USB host.

what is also interesting is that, apart from this problem, the e1 works perfectly with the 2 en16, but the usb host LED does not show any activity on the display of the bE1 (it does not flash)

Came here to report the same but you beat me to it! The USB Device and USB Host text strings used to flash in incoming and outgoing MIDI signals via a connected USB host. With v3.4, this stopped working.

interesting,…it didn’t even appear until now,…now I’m just checking that the E1 doesn’t show me the “activity” of the midi outs either.!
it does not show any midi activity with blinking

the "snapshot load " problem in 3.2.2. fw also applies.
the side buttons work, but the display and encoders do not work.

I am going to review the USB host / indicators / snapshots :wink:


this is how E1 is set, but even with 3.2.2 and 3.4 Fw, E1 does not start with the values before switching off. if I saved the “values of the encoders” in a snapshot, not even then

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