Ableton Integration Guide - a user’s adventures in VST control

Hey guys,

I wanted to integrate the electra with Ableton but didn’t have an easy way to do it without using session midi mapping. The downside to that is that you have to either set it as a default session or always open the same session file. So I wanted to see if it was possible to use midi remote scripting for a tighter workflow.

I downloaded a program called -

Using this application you can create remote scripts from a simple GUI interface.

Here’s how I set mine up.

I did it for Roland cloud Juno 106. I use the existing ju boutique presets that one of the great users of the forum here had made as a starting place and customized it to mirror Roland cloud more specifically. Within Electra, I set each of the midi cc in a hierarchical order starting at 1. So the top left box/encoder control was midi cc 1, the next was midi cc 2, etc.

Transmitted to Electra.

Next in remotify I created a controller template for Electra with 36 endless encoders. There are demos on their site of how to do this. It’s easy. Next in remotify I created a new control script. In the control script I set it to use a parameter bank to control 36 parameters of which ever track and device in Ableton selected. These are all easy to configure in remotify’s drop down menus.

I exposed the first 36 parameters of Roland cloud. Now using the midi remote script, electra controls all the parameters without having to do any mapping in Ableton.

Next up I will try to set it to use specific midi channels instead of selected track so that I can switch between VST‘s strictly on Electra. I could see this being extremely useful for effects control.

But as it stands it’s great for having one at a time control of the selected track’s VST device.


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Do you get parameter names and values as well?
Does it work bidirectionally?

Indeed bi directional! So every time you change a preset you see everything move!

Regarding paeans- you hard code parameter names using Electra, so names are not automatic, but no big deal to create an Electra template and name the controls. Thank goodness you only have to do it once :wink:

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I think your idea and script is an answer to the following problem I just posted on the forum (before I saw this):
Let me know if that is so as I try to understand your post (because I’m still learning).

"After finishing my rev plate Arturia preset, I mapped it to Ableton.
Works great!
Only thing is, Ableton doesn’t save that mapping as a preset to be used/recall in other projects or even on a different track within the project!!??

I can’t imagine having to map everytime I want to use an effect on every projects! I’m also assuming it’s the same thing for any vst’s that doesn’t have its own internal mapping (like Arturia synths for example).

I can’t be the only one trying to do this or having run into this issue, so I’m asking what do you guys do??
Are all daws the same in this regard?
I’m baffled, I must be missing something."

Also: have a look at the Ableton Remote script for the E1 I am developing: GitHub - xot/ElectraOne: Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for the Electra One

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You can “save as default” a device in Live

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But that could only be for one device, right?