Being able to share presets for Ableton on

I think the combi of Electra One and the ableton-live-midi-remote-script-control-surface from JHH is really excellent.

I have searched extensively for a good midi controller to control devices (VST’s) in Ableton. There are a lot of midi controllers out there but either they don’t have a visual feedback of the actual values of the parameters or the number of visible parameters is very limited, mostly limited to 8 parameters max.

Being able to see the values of 36 parameters in one go is outstanding. Being able to create your own presets with the preset editor is a very nice activity I think. Designing a layout is a good way to think over what is really important for you in an instrument.

Using the E1 to control VST’s is a really nice experience. The rotary knobs are of very high quality, you can choose to give it a swing or very precisely tune a value. And maybe the best of all is that just selecting a track will bring up the preset screen right away. That feature will be even more valuable if you have another midi controller to select tracks. (almost any midi controller connecting to Ableton will support selecting tracks)

I finished creating presets for Arturia mini V4 and Uhe Diva (the mini layout). More will follow for sure. I’m willing to share my work with others. For an Ableton preset this would have to contain at least 3 files:

  • PRE file
  • CC map file
  • VSTpreset file from Ableton

Now, as I understand, only a PRE file (or project file) can be shared.

Maybe can be a good place to share presets for Ableton?

An example layout of the Mini V4:

and Diva:

Thanks for the willingness to share, and thanks for bringing up this question. To use the web app to share presets for the Ableton remote script would require some changes that allow to also attach a CC map to a preset (the LUA can already be included in it). To make it even more consentient to use the web app for this purpose, there should be a separate option in the web app to export such a preset into three files: .epr, .ccmap and .lua.

I would also be more than willing to accept submissions for presets directly into the remote script repository itself. But then I’d have to think of a kind of admission criterion (I cannot test presets for devices I do not own) and a way to include different versions of a preset for the same device. A separate ‘contributed’ folder could work I guess, from which people can choose themselves which actual preset to use. With the recent changes to the remote script, it is straightforward to add presets to the ‘preloaded’ folder and use them within Live (slightly less straightforward still to actually upload them to the mkII E1).

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Awesome thanks so much.

If you’re willing to do video tutorials and how you do it… I’m sure it will be met with appreciation by more than just me.


Hi Steven,

What sort of content would you like to see in video tutorials?


It would be nice if it could be done by the website…

VSTpreset files from Ableton should also have to be included I think. The VST’s of the two presets I made do not support auto-populate of the parameters. So I clicked all buttons and knobs to create a preset and saved that to my user library in Ableton.


I was hesitant in the past to allow users to upload files on to the website. Just to prevent any misuse or content violation. But sharing ccmaps and sysex dumps seems to be so important that we already included the feature in our development plan.


I created notes on how to add presets for Remote Ableton. So I thought: why not share them?

Steps to create a preset in E1 for a VST in Ableton Live using Remote Script for Ableton

First make sure your installation of the software is correctly, see GitHub - xot/ElectraOne: Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for the Electra One
Paths below here are on a Windows system. Some paths are not default.

1. Enable dumps from Ableton.
Edit file in D:\Ableton user library\User Library\Remote Scripts\ElectraOne: set DUMP = True

2. Add parameters to the VST plugin
In Ableton Live select the VST(3) plugin in a new track. Group it in an instrument rack with the same name as the VST plugin.
Put the plugin in the configuration mode to add parameters to it. Some VST’s have autopopulate functionality. Sometimes you will have to select presets to get this working. When autopopulate is not working with the VST then you will have to click and turn all wanted knobs and buttons. Make sure you have them all, because adding them later is difficult (I think).
Save the plugin VST with the parameters so you can recall it later on. The plugin VST will be saved in your Ableton user library. Save the instrument rack, I normally colour code it so I can find all my instrument racks quickly.
3. Copy dump files
In folder C:\Users<username>\dumps two files are added:
vst name.ccmap
vst name.epr
Copy these files to the preloaded folder of Remote Scripts:
D:\Ableton user library\User Library\Remote Scripts\ElectraOne\preloaded
4. Testing
Restart Ableton Live
Drag the new instrument rack to a new track
Select the VST device by clicking on it (blue hand will appear in the title bar of the device in Ableton)
Check E1: the parameters should show and work now
5. Editing Preset
Upload the .epr file using ‘import project’ in Electra One App
Change whatever you want in the layout. These are some changes I often make:

  • Rearrange Controls among and within pages. I do not follow the exact layout from the VST because the E1 is ‘row oriented’ while many VST’s are ‘column oriented’.
  • Rename controles. The names of the parameters can be quit different from the names shown in the VST.
  • Use a colour scheme (for instance: the filter controls are red and in the top row of the first page etc)
  • Group the controls (like in the VST)
  • You can check your progress quickly by sending the preset to E1, it will show right away with the new layout. You have to change the preset in the VST for the new controls to work properly.

6. Make your preset permanent
Although you will see the working preset in the previous step, you will have to take some extra steps to make sure it is available after a restart:
Select ‘Download preset’ in Electra One App
copy the .epr file to D:\Ableton user library\User Library\Remote Scripts\ElectraOne\preloaded (overwriting the original one)
Restart Ableton
7. Create backup
Copy the preloaded folder to a safe place somewhere.
8. Disable dumps from Ableton.
Edit file in D:\Ableton user library\User Library\Remote Scripts\ElectraOne: DUMP = False
This will enhance performance (I guess)
9. Optional: upload .epr to E1
For better performance. Put E1 in USB Disk mode and upload the .epr file to E:\ctrlv2\presets\xot\ableton

Using the preset
In Ableton Live select the instrument rack in a new track.
Open the VST (not necessary) I have the auto-hide and auto-open Plug-in Windows options selected in the Plug-ins preferences in Ableton.
Click on the VST device in the rack (blue hand), The E1 preset is loaded
Now when you switch to another track without selecting another device in Ableton, the loaded preset in E1 will still be shown and functional.

When you switch to another track and select another device, selecting the first track again will automatically load the preset of that track. In a session Ableton remembers per track which device is selected (if any).

You can use the same instrument rack in multiple tracks.

When you save a live set and re-open i, you first have to select the VST devices that have E1 presets by clicking on it (the blue hand).