Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script / Control Surface

Two major updates in the Ableton remote script

(@Martin this means the issue of how to address SysEx messages for a particular E1 has now been bypassed.)


@sjo I have finally found the reason why loading presets for devices with accented characters failed, and fixed that bug now. Thought I’d let you know :wink:

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Fantastic!! The North extends its gratitude :wink:

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Ok this is great.
I am running the latest Ableton Script with an MK2.

I was able to get dumps and upload a custom preset to the directly.
I did notice that whitespaces where removed from the device names.
So after correcting my SSL 4000E preset name it started to work.


Yes, I decided to remove spaces from device names for consistency with the ‘standard’ devices. Great to hear it is working for you!

Any thoughts on this? Have tried investigating but am yet to see a definitive answer…

That seems impossible to do. If you save an instrument rack, the selected device within that rack is not saved, so cannot be recovered when loading that rack.

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Okay, thanks! I think I’ll call off the search.

@jhh thanks so much for the update! I plan to customize the Operator preset. I just want to re-shuffle the order of the parameters. Could you suggest a more efficient way of re-arranging the parameters? Using the preset editor doesn’t seem very convenient as I also want to move parameters from one page to another. Do you have any tips on making the reshuffling less tedious? Thank you!!!

You can select several controls in a preset using the shift key, cut them, and then paste them to a different page. This (should) keep their control-id en CC parameter numbers intact.

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Thank you @jhh!
I notice that there is one knob in D that behaves differently compared to A/B/C. It’s named DE Time instead of DE Repeat. Unlike in A/B/C, DE REPEAT doesn’t show up when Beat/Sync Mode. I noticed that you have AE/BE/CE time in page 10, which are not selectable in the Electra device. Did you write some magic script to make them show up from page 10 to the other page when the loop mode is changed?

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 15.16.00

It seems to be similar with Filter settings. I guess if I moved “Filter Drive”, I also need to move “Filter Morph” on page 10. Where can I find the script that binds them?

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 15.53.49
Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 15.53.40

Thank you again!

@jhh all sorted! They are in the Lua script :slight_smile:

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Thanks for spotting this bug; should be fixed now.

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I also notice another minor bug in the default preset: Actually the Feedback control state is dependent on the algorithm that’s currently selected, not connected to the retrigger switch. The operator’s Feedback will be enabled if it’s not modulated by any other operator. For example, in this case A’s feedback is disabled because it’s modulated by B :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 10.03.49

Ah… yes, you are right. That’s a tad annoying because now I have too few slots for an OSC :frowning:

yes I know! I did hesitate to let you know as it’s full already :exploding_head:

Please do share your Operator preset as I’d love to see how you would have designed it.

Yes! I will surely do so after I fixed the ccmap :slight_smile:

Hi @jhh I hit another weird issue :frowning: The script can’t be loaded due to the following error:

2024-04-15T19:11:58.790735: error: RemoteScriptError:     
2024-04-15T19:11:58.790741: error: RemoteScriptError: assert id in range(-1,443), f'Control index {id} out of range.'
2024-04-15T19:11:58.790745: error: RemoteScriptError: 

2024-04-15T19:11:58.790750: error: RemoteScriptError: AssertionError
2024-04-15T19:11:58.790754: error: RemoteScriptError: : 
2024-04-15T19:11:58.790758: error: RemoteScriptError: Control index 513 out of range.
2024-04-15T19:11:58.790761: error: RemoteScriptError:

I wonder if the system only takes control index until 443, but I had hit some weird bug in the editor that gave me numbers greater than that. I did have hit another bug before where sliders with control id greater than 600 will not be able to change value… I had manually duplicated all the controls with huge control ids. If they can’t be greater than 443, I’ll just recreate them by copy and pasting the controls…

According to the documentation, 443 is the maximum control id, hence the assertion error. Or has that changed recently, @Martin ?