Electra One as "Macro Controller" with Live 11

I’m new in the " Electra One World". The Electra One will arrive in a few days. I would like to use it with Ableton Live 11. I’ve read several topics, seen several scripts, but I’m very new to this “Script thing”. I would like it if a preset would work as a “Macro controller”, as e.g. the Ableton Push 2. How can I solve this? Which Script do I need? Which files should be downloaded? Where should it be copied? Can someone help me step by step?

This thread has all the info Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script / Control Surface - #100 by jhh

Thank You!
I hope I can solve it!

I was able to see the link now. I trusted that this would not be the answer. I also saw and read this topic. Unfortunately, I “do not understand”. Unfortunately, I cannot solve it based on this. Does anyone have a .zip file that can be copied into the appropriate folder and then set up the Electra One? Until now, I used Faderfox EC-4, in that case I only had to do what I wrote. is there anyone who can help me step by step?

You should post your questions in the other thread, that’s what it’s for :wink:
Also have you read the installation instructions on github?

I copy it there too.

Hello, perhaps off topic, but I’ve wanted to buy an Electra One for a while, but the website keep saying to wait for new information about buying them. Did you order a long time ago, or have you bought second hand?
I’d love to get one, so any info would be appreciated.
Edit: I’m asking this here because OP said their EO would arrive in a few days - indicating it was a new unit shipping
Edit edit: strike that. Did not see the response Company owner posted in another thread Availability all good.