Additional files in web editor

when presets are created for DAWs / VSTs
they will assume certain midi mappings.

of course, you can download this preset and then proceed to midi learn all the controls from the E1.
but this is a bit time consuming.

I was reading this thread which points out that u-he allows you to save and recall midi learn settings as a file.

and thought, wow, wouldn’t it be useful if this file could be stored alongside the preset on the web app.

or perhaps just have a section where you can add an additional ‘link’
(if you are concerned with file sizes)

this could not only be used with text files, but also users could add demo/template daw projects, or (daw) instrument presets.

it be nice to have this in one place, rather than having to come to this forum to look for more details.

(of couse, if we allow a link, that link could refer to a forum post here :slight_smile: )


fully agreed and requested a long time ago, but don’t remember (and can’t find it anymore) if here or on github


Adding @tomas in the loop…

Yes, that definitely makes sense.

For now, you can link those files from the description using Markdown syntax for links:
[Link title](