ADDSR Envelope

@martin : I see you are making your way through the backlog right now… Just pinging this not to get lost! :wink:

it is on the list. I just wanted to make 3.2 public before finishing the envelopes. Many people started using beta release for production and it did not feel ok.

I am having mkII work almost behind me. I am actually looking forward to working on mundane features like this one :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the update, @martin! I might have misunderstood that these changes were already supposed to happen in the last update and then they didn’t… :wink:

Possibility to invert min ↔ max, ability to name segments and hide/show some controls (‘visible pots’) would be also appreciated here !
I am also trying to get a rendering of a DADR : DELAY / ATTACK / DECAY / RELEASE and I’m almost succeeding with the ADDSR once I get the above additions however I would still miss 1 feature which would be the possibility to reduce to 0 the length of the SUSTAIN segment, or hide it altogether, like the label of the segments.
Hoping you are finding some time in the close future for these… :+1:

Is this going to be included in one of the next updates, @martin ?