Korg EX-8000 manual Program Change loads presets into my E1

I’m at a bit of a loss here… As I couldn’t really get the nice new extended envelopes to work yet in my preset I decided to change them back to old school faders…
In any case as I’m testing out the editor now I’m experiencing that I switching the programs on my EX-8000 manually at some point triggers the E1 (or the computer) to load random presets into my E1.

Here’s what I found when switching the EX-8000 between the first 5 programs…

And here is what was on there before I started switching (on the left):

And on the right my temporary MidiFire setup as Reason doesn’t pass through any SYSEX…

Higher number EX-8000 programs seem to be switching to empty pages on the E1.

Is this to be expected?

Yup, that is correct. Program changes and Bank changes sent to the Electra One CTRL port (MIDIIN3 on Windows) switch the presets and load snapshots.

Ok. Good to know. I guess I’ll need to disconnect the MIDI connection between the EX-8000 and the E1 on the control port then. Thank you, @martin

Just confirmed that deleting the EX-8000 out to E1 in MIDI Control connection stops this.
Thank you.