Broken preset sent to controller

hi there,

I’m on fw3.5 (just updated) and while sending a preset to controller it only displays few of the items the preset has. I tried several times uploading, preset looks just fine in the editor but when sending to controller it shows just four faders of full (36) faders. I have other presets that display fine all 36 faders on another page of the preset. anyone knows what might be the issue? thanks!

I can see the ref# are the same in several faders, and they keep the same even if I create a new fader. if anyone knows what this is about and how to solve it I’d be most grateful to hear about it.

Hi, would you share the link to the preset with me? No need to make it public. I just need a link/url of the preset.

If you do not want others to look at the preset, pls send it as PM. Thanks!

could you please let me know how to create the link/url for the preset? just copy url in the browser when I have the preset open?

sorry, how do I send PM?

Select the user and click Message :wink:

Yes, that is the problem indeed. I am also getting duplicate ref ids when I create new controls in that particular preset. Not in other presets. I am trying to find out why.

I made an adjustment to the editor so that duplicate refs are prevented and detected.

Any preset containing duplicate references will display the following warning:

Clicking the message will regenerate all references to make sure they are unique.

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The solution might trigger a new issue: In almost all my LUA code, some reference id’s are hardcoded. If an issue like the one described in this thread is arising, and the result is existing ref id’s are being changed, the preset may load again but LUA will do faulty things. Is there a pragmatic way to recognize those changed refid’s? For instance by raising the id with exactly 1000, 10.000 or 100.000 (or multiples thereof) so it’s easy to recognize what the original ref id was?