Adjusting text label values

Hi. It’s not possible right now to change the value of a text label after you’ve created them.

For example I have this list:
0 = OFF
16 = LPF
31 = BPF
48 = HPF
64 = NOTCH
80 = COMB

I did create all the text labels for each value, but now I see that I’ve made an error: BPF should have value 32 instead of 31. The only solution now is to delete the COMB, NOTCH, HPF and the BPF label and input those 4 labels all over again.

It would be great if we could just adjust the value for BPF in my example.

EDIT: this works perfectly if I switch to import / export but not on the standard text label display

Hi, hmm. This is strange. You should be able to edit the value:

Typing the new number or using the Up/Down should work. What is happening on your side?

Hi. Nope that doesn’t work. If I adjust the value in the window you posted, the value changes but isn’t saved. Hence, when I return to edit the values the original value is back. I have to switch to the import / export window and there it works perfectly.

I see, just replicated that. Will make sure it gets fixed.

:+1: Cool, thanks Martin.

Fixed. Can you check? Make sure you hard-reload / refresh the editor page.

Works perfect now, thanks!