setLabel does not erase previous label

@Martin when executing group:setLabel("new") the new string is written on top of the old label string (i.e. the old string is not first removed); only an explicit call to group:setVisible(true) draws the new label correctly. This is in firmware 3.1.4

A side effect of this is that you can create a floating label to help identify things.

Try this - if you create a group that is 2 columns wide and move it (using setSlot()) to the same location as a single column wide label, you will now see the moved label (group) floating between the 2 controls.

Not sure how generally useful this is :grinning: but it is something.


I had a bit of hard time to work on the E1 mk1 firmware lately. I do believe, however, that this is fixed :slight_smile: I tested that on the latest 3.1.5 beta release and the text gets painted just fine when I call group:setLabel(). Pls ping me, if you still have that problem.

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