ADSR Envelope control [Solved]

I found two issues with the ADSR Envelope controls:

  1. I had a regular ADSR setup and because I liked the visual feedback of the graphic I used the ADSR Envelope control for every stage, so 4 separate controls. Each had a different CC assigned ofcourse. When turning the knobs the graphic updated (on all 4 controls) when I used the Decay, Sustain and Relaease, but not the Attack. For the Attack only the Attack graphic was updated.

  2. I had a second set of ADSR Envelope controls set up to control a second Env. This set used completely different CC’s and was on another page of the preset. However, mapping the plugin (Arturia Jun-V6) could not be done. Whenever I MIDI-learned the control for the 2nd Env, the same stage on the first Env became unmapped again. When I changed all the controls for both sets of ADSR controls to regular faders the issue was solved.

I’m not quite sure how the E1 “groups” the different stages of the ADSR controls when using the ADSR Envelope control so that they are 1 Envelope controller? It could be useful to have a separate grouping parameter for that.

I tried to replicate this issue but I am not sure what you mean.This is what I have done:

  1. cloned the Preset
  2. Adjusted the knob assigment for the individual envelopes on the MAIN page. ie. the ATTACK envelope was the knob mapped to the attack value, DECAY envelope to the decay value and on… see the pic below
  3. Now, when I twist any of the Envelope control knobs the appropriate envelope stage gets updated on all four envelopes
  4. When I send corresponding CC messages to Electra, ie. 73 (attack), 29 (decay), 79 (sustain), 72 (release), appropriate stage of the envelopes gets updated on all instances.

This is the knob assigment field:

Is this what you wanted to achieve?
Video - Twisting the envelope knobs

Yes indeed. It might have been a fluke or my own error. With the other presets I made I didn’t have an issue. Although I did have one occasion where the appropriate stage only got updated when I touched the knob. I didn’t even have to twist the knob, only touch. But that was when I was making the preset. Afterwards and in use there was no issue.

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