Alesis Micron

I believe I have most of the basics here. Alesis Micron

No FX/arpeggiator/tracking gen yet.
Would love to have the time to parse out a sysex dump and stuff the current values into the pages.
Maybe some day soon…

EDIT - I actually found some Perl code written by one of the OS developers that parses the sysex into a text file, so I’m hoping I can use that to speed up the patch parsing process.

feedback welcome


updated version is now here: Alesis Micron editor

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Nice effort oldgearguy.

Thanks. I need to get back to it to finish up some odds and ends.

Between the Micron and tc 2290 presets and my actual day job of writing code, sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting down and focusing on a programming task, so I’ve been taking a diversion playing around with the Soma Cosmos that arrived recently. About as far as you can get from programming. lol

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